Concert Ministry

Concerts are about much more than music and entertainment!

Using storytelling and original songs, George weaves a tapestry of his 40-year sojourn as a Christian, beginning in 1982 when he was led to Christ by his mother’s lifelong friend. He shares stories of working at PTL Ministries with Jim and Tammy Bakker in Fort Mill, SC and returning home again to Chicago to launch a Christian radio program and lead a juvenile detention ministry.

George shares stories about raising his sons in the faith, coaching their sports teams, and guiding them to discover the gifts and talents God equipped them with in pursuit of His vision for their lives.

After years of growth in the faith, George shares his story of how deceptively easy it was to take the eye of faith off Jesus and begin a slow fade away from the faith, one compromise at a time, in pursuit of worldly attractions. He recounts the pitfalls of not seeking the Kingdom of God first in all things.

After launching and building multiple successful businesses and pursuing the empty pleasures the world has to offer, his journey came to an abrupt halt in 2013 when he went into cardiac arrest and lay near death on the sidewalk outside the United Center following a Chicago Bulls basketball game. After spending six days in a cardiac intensive care unit, George shares the story of his resolve to pursue the remaining days of his life “built on purpose” and not the worldly success and fortune that led to his downfall.

George relates his personal story to that of the prodigal son who also ended up a long way from home after a series of wrong pursuits, and the pivotal moment of conviction and repentance leading them to turn their hearts back home.

The book Built on Purpose, authored and published in 2016, teaches others how to build their lives with purpose while remaining true to God’s vision for their lives.

George ends every concert with a tribute to the woman who counted the cost of sharing the Gospel with a lifelong friend that led a mother and her son to faith in Christ … along with countless others.

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Church Concerts

Church Concerts are structured in a traditional way where George shares his music and stories from a platform or stage in a church setting. While George enjoys engaging his audience to draw their hearts closer to the throne of grace, Church Concerts tend to be structured more like a program to make certain prearranged time parameters are kept.

Church Concerts are always free for attendees! 
We want to make sure everyone who wants to attend is able to do so. A love offering is taken during each concert. Proceeds from the offering are distributed equally to the ministries we support, and often to a local Christian domestic violence ministry we are connected with who is invited to share a brief presentation during the concert.

To learn more about inviting George to perform a Church Concert, please click the red link above. George will be in touch to discuss further details with you.

Home Concerts

Home Concerts provide an atmosphere of intimacy with family and friends, and the opportunity to make new friends, as George shares his music and stories in a personal and interactive style that engages the audience throughout the concert.

Home Concerts usually take place in a backyard where guests are invited to bring their own lawn chairs or an indoor room large enough to allow guests to comfortably enjoy the concert.

Home Concerts are followed by a potluck-style meal for afternoon concerts or a dessert table for evening concerts. Guests are encouraged to bring a favorite food or dessert for others to enjoy after the concert while fellowshipping together. George and Bonnie will also share fellowship with the guests after the performance.

For Home Concerts we request a minimum of 20 people in attendance and an offering of $20 per person. Proceeds from the offering are equally distributed to the ministries we support, or can be designated to one specific ministry at the request of the concert host.

To learn more about inviting George to perform a Home Concert, please click the red link above. George will be in touch to discuss further details with you.

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