George is a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ. Born-again in 1982 at the age of twenty, he has had a remarkable journey growing in the inexhaustible mercy, grace and love of God.

In April 2013, George went into cardiac arrest (ventricular fibrillation) causing his heart to stop beating for nearly five minutes. By the mercy and grace of God, paramedics were miraculously able to reach him in time to apply CPR and defibrillate (shock) his heart back into rhythm to get it beating again.

After a week in Cardiac Intensive Care, having a defibrillator surgically implanted in his chest, and having countless medical professionals stop by his room daily to remind him “you’re the guy everyone is talking about” and “you’re not supposed to be here”, one comment really struck home: “You being here is truly a miracle!”

Since then, George has been living life passionately, purposefully, and with a sense of urgency cultivating the lives of others. In 2016 he published his first book, “Built on Purpose”, providing a Christ-centered roadmap to help people discover God’s vision for their life and the process for transforming that vision into fruit-bearing reality.

He cultivates the lives of others through sound Bible teaching, a music ministry to nursing homes and senior facilities, churches, coffeehouses, and a wide-range of evangelistic outreaches.

George shares a powerful three-point message to professing Christians:

  • Develop deeper devotion as a true disciple of Jesus Christ
  • Exercise your God-given gifts and talents in service to your local Church body
  • Open your heart to support the needs of others

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